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Dreaming Icons

icons by sele

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Dreaming icons
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Hi there! My name is Laura and this is my icon community at livejournal. I've got too many free time and I usually spend it making icons.

You can take whatever you like from this community, that's why I share my icons with you all, but please, credit me. If you credit me when you take an icon everybody will know that I made it, so if they liked the style, they can come here and take more.

I have another little rule, and it's sooo easy to follow. Please, DO NOT HOTLINK. This is a very big problem because if you don't save the icons on your own server
or computer, my bandwith will exceed and that makes me so pissed off. So, if you don't want to piss off a poor girl like me, please, save the icons on your own server.

That's it! If you wanna know where do I get the brushes/gradients/pictures for make my icons visit
my Resources.

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